When You Need Your Air Conditioning Fixed

4 Sep

When You Need Your Air Conditioning Fixed

One of the worst things that can happen to you during the hottest days of summer is air conditioning failure in your vehicle. It just makes your day that much more uncomfortable and difficult.

Your day most likely started off promising, but as soon as you step out into that horrible heat, everything seems to plummet. This includes your interactions with others and your productivity.

When you’re in a situation such as this, your mood affects everything and everyone. Granted, under normal circumstances you may be the most laidback individual. However, when you’re forced to deal with the heat outside and the heat inside your patience wears off quickly.

If you’ve been in this kind of situation before, you understand the awfulness of the sweat sticking to your skin, especially if you have leather seats. When you have to enter a meeting, or get together with friends, you feel self-conscious and certainly subpar compared to your usual manner of looking chic and put-together.

And once you experience warm air coming from the vents, you don’t even want to be out in the heat any longer. Your day seems just about ruined.

That’s exactly what happened to my Audi a few weeks ago. Granted, it’s a few years old, and I probably should’ve gotten it looked at months ago, but you understand how busy life gets, right?

There’s also the assumption that because you have a vehicle of higher quality you’ll take it for granted.

Or perhaps that’s me. I supposed I simply expected my air conditioning to last forever, even though it seems silly now that I’m admitting it.

Most days you don’t even think about your vehicle, which means it’s running splendidly. However, the moment something goes wrong it’s as if your whole world has come to a stop. Then it gets worse, depending on how much the repairs cost.

The obvious solution is to take your vehicle to get fixed as soon as possible. But taking it to the dealer often costs more than other car shops. You have to consider the parts and the labor involved. Given the option, it’s always a good idea to check around and compare prices.

Price isn’t necessarily a great indicator of a shops quality of service, but it does give you a ballpark figure on what to expect for the cost so it’s not such a shock.

For my Audi, I did contact a few of the shops around me. The quotes I received ran the gamut of low to exorbitantly expensive, which I found amusing.

Immediately, I crossed off the two extremes: the lowest quote and the highest. If a price is too low, it makes you wonder about the quality of the work. You never want inferior parts installed in your vehicle. That’s just a recipe for disaster later.

If the quote is too high then it raises suspicion that the customer is simply another number. You want to choose a shop that treats you as if your business truly matters.

When you have a German car like an Audi or a BMW, you can’t trust it to just anyone. Those are beautiful cars that need special care and attention. That’s why it’s important that the technicians are certified to work on your car because that’s their specialty.

Normally I’d just take my car to the dealership and let them handle it, but on that particular day they were too busy, and I didn’t have time to wait. Perhaps others needed their air conditioning repaired as well, which made sense. Going without air conditioning was not an option, at least not when the weather is that awful.

Since the dealership would take too long, I found another place that specialized in repairs and maintaining my Audi and other German cars. I appreciated how professional and friendly the PMW LTD technicians were. They were knowledgeable and quoted a fair price too. Check them out if you need any repairs or services for your Audi.

Once my vehicle was repaired, it seemed just as good as new. Now that my air conditioning was working again, my car felt much more comfortable. Driving was enjoyable again. Just that one simple change improved my entire outlook. I was ready to take on the world again.