Vacuum Sealer Heaven

6 Jul

Vacuum Sealer Heaven

If you thought vacuum sealers were just for food, think again. 

Of course vacuum sealers are the perfect answer to keeping foods like meat, fruits, and vegetables fresher for longer periods of time. There isn’t a cook or prepper out there who doesn’t sing its praises.

But there are other things you can do with your vacuum sealer, and here they are:

    1. Seal and store dry goods like flour, sugar, herbs, and spices. For extra seal, vacuum seal the dry goods in their own paper bags. So, this is vacuuming them in a bag within a bag. Make sense?
    1. Reseal oil, vinegar, or wine after opening. If you’re on a budget, this is an economical way of preserving these liquids, which diminish in shelf life once opened.
    1. You’ve seen silverware, jewelry, metal-works, or precious keepsakes ruined by corrosion before, and what a shame. So to keep mementos and important items from tarnishing, vacuum seal them after you wrap them in a cloth or other type of wrapping. This prevents any puncturing or splitting from occurring.
    1. Vacuum-seal your snacks. Throw out the clothespins and paper clips, and replace them with your vacuum sealer. Less moisture means crisper crackers, cookies, and chips. There may be a trial-and-error phase to find which bags work best for you. But once you find some to your liking, you’ll be sealing every snack in the house. This is a great way to send snacks out of the house with your children or grandchildren, if they carry snacks to school, on hikes, or to the park.
    1. Use your sealer as a document preserver. If you’ve saved important papers over the years, like birth certificates, diplomas, or letters, you know that they age and disintegrate over time. But if you vacuum seal them, these documents last longer, and will be something nice to hand down to future generations. You can also add newspaper clippings, holiday cards, and magazines to the paper items you’d like to preserve.
    1. Something else you can vacuum seal for protection is clothing. No one likes to open a treasure trunk of family keepsakes, only to find them dusty, musty, or yellow with age and exposure. From your child’s Christening gown to your grandfather’s handkerchief, they will see a much longer life if they vacuum sealed.
    1. Use a vacuum sealer to preserve pet treats like jerky. If your dog (or family) loves jerky, then this is the perfect way to make it last longer, especially if you don’t live close to stores, have easy access to transportation, or buy in bulk. This helps you stock up on jerky and have snacks on hand for them anytime your dog (or family) wants them.
    1. A great way to make your camping grub last longer is to vacuum seal it. It’s hard enough when you’re roughing it, and you may never catch a fish while you’re out there, so make sure you have back-up emergency food in vacuum-sealed pouches. Who cares if the big one gets away? You’ll have your vacuum-sealed nuts, dried fruit, and jerky to help you survive.
    1. If you’re vacationing or relocating to a new home, vacuum-sealing some of your clothing and blankets is a good way to create extra space and save on moving expenses. Just toss them into stacks to unpack later. On a side note, if you have to keep an extra change of clothing in your vehicle or trunk for whatever reason, this is a really good way to minimize the clutter yet keep it on-hand.
    1. Waterproof small electronics or important items while going to the pool or lake. You can seal car keys, cell phone, debit card, cash, coins—the bare essentials while traveling or going on a daytrip. Also good for sending with children when they visit friends, relatives, or on class trips.

As you can see, the vacuum sealer pays for itself many times over, and has uses you probably never thought of. The thing to remember when shopping for one is that quality and prices vary, so it pays to do some comparison shopping. You may have to pay a little extra in order to have a good one, but it’s an investment that could literally last for years and save you a bundle. To find a vacuum sealer that’s right for you, try a site like Vacuum Sealer Land