Top Ways to Get New Twitter Followers in 2018

28 Jul

Top Ways to Get New Twitter Followers in 2018

Twitter works just like any other social media platform – the more followers you have, the more relevant you are in the niche. With more followers, you command a bigger audience compared to what your competitor does, and this means you have a bigger authority over what happens in this niche.

There are many ways you can get more followers on this platform, let us explore a few of these so that you grow your Twitter following.

Mention Your Location

Many people on twitter forget to say where they are from, or where their brand is located, which is a huge mistake. Even if you are a business that sells exclusively online, you still work from somewhere. Make sure you connect with your local businesses as well as people from your locality but take care not to connect with your competitors because you will end up losing followers to them.

Many of the people you connect with will be happy to follow you back, retweet your posts and share the content with their followers. This ultimately drives more followers back to you!

Reply on Bigger Brands

Those big brands in your niche have made it, and they command a huge following that you can tap from. One of the ways to get noticed by these followers is to reply to their posts. Remember that the followers click to expand the tweets and get to see these replies. If they like the reply or if they see that the link is interesting, they will follow you. However, make sure you target those brands that aren’t in direct competition with your business though they cater to the same client base in terms of location or gender.

Schedule Relevant Articles

Many users and brands have a problem – they bombard their followers with a lot of tweets in the morning and then leave it at that, hoping that this is what they need to do. Wrong – what you need to do is to schedule the posts so that they trickle down slowly, deliberately.

You can extend the life of your content by posting several times each day, and then do this a couple of times each week. You don’t have to schedule only new posts, go ahead also to schedule older posts as well.

Make sure the content that you share is of high quality and useful to your audience, and you will find that you are getting more and more likes and retweets, and soon your followers will double.

Are you managing more than one Twitter account and you are finding it hard to schedule the posts – use an automation tool to schedule these posts, and you are good to go.

Buy Followers

You can alternatively buy genuine followers by using a reputable company that offers these followers. However, make sure the followers that you get are active and can guarantee a better appeal on the account. With more followers, you are guaranteed of getting the attention and visibility that you need on the account. Income Artist looks at the top automation tools available to you and how you can use them to extend your reach.

Cross Promote

Did you know that you can share the information on your blog or website direct to your Twitter page? Yes, it’s true, with share buttons on the landing page; you can easily share the content on your Twitter account without having to log in. This gives you consistency across all social platforms.

In Closing

Twitter marketing isn’t such an easy task if you don’t know what to do, or if you do things the wrong way. Take time to understand your audience and come up with the right strategy, and you will grow a massive following.