Surprising Benefits of 3D Printing

27 Feb

Surprising Benefits of 3D Printing

3-dimensional, otherwise called 3D printing creates applications one layer at a time. Compared to traditional methods of manufacture, this method comes with so many advantages that can help enhance your production process. These benefits apply to the whole industry as a whole.

As times go by, the popularity of this method grows. More and more industries are adopting it, with many more starting 3D printing businesses from home. Understanding the benefits that this process brings to your manufacturing process helps you get the best printer from a reputable provider such as for your needs.

Insane Speed

One of the major advantages of this procedure is the speed at which it produces the various applications as compared to traditional methods. Using a CAD model, you can upload a complex design and have the product in a few hours. Part of the speed advantage is the use of models to come up with the product.

This speed is ideal for applications for low to medium-level volumes. The speed offers time-saving benefits that you cannot achieve with traditional manufacturing processes.

One Step Manufacturing

One of the top issues that make manufacturing tough is the multiple steps involved in manufacturing a part. Traditionally, most parts go through many steps before being ready for the market. The order of these steps makes it hard for the resulting products to have similar quality.

3D printing uses a mechanism called additive manufacturing, which builds everything in one step without any interaction from your part. This ability reduces dependence on different steps of manufacturing such as machining, welding and painting and puts all the control in your hands. The process makes use of only three simple steps – design, printing and installation.


The cost of manufacturing any object can be broken down into three: operation of the machine, buying the materials and paying for labour.

Most of the 3D printers use little power, not more than what your laptop uses. The single step that is utilized in the manufacture of the part makes for greater efficiency and a high turnaround. This reduces the overall cost of the manufacturing process.

The cost of manufacture differs across depending on the technology as well as the size of the items you are manufacturing. The good thing is that you recoup the cost of materials from the value of the item. The higher the cost of materials, the higher the value of the item.

The main part to recoup your costs is the cost of labour. Your 3D printer only needs you to press a button and the machine follows an automated process to manufacture the mart. The labour cost is nearly zero.


Traditional manufacturing comes with restrictions to the kind of products that can be made. Since the components are printed in layers, you have a lot of freedom when it comes to printing the objects.

Final Words

It takes a few hours to come up with a product using the right 3D printer. The printer gives you so many advantages that traditional manufacturing process can’t give.