Start Your Own Laser Etching Business

Laser Etching & Business 2 Nov

Start Your Own Laser Etching Business

If you’re looking for a modern side-hustle, you may want to look into laser etching. The industry has been growing at a rapid pace as popularity has picked up. Also, as the technology advances, home laser etching equipment becomes more accessible and less expensive. Here’s you’re interested, keep reading for the gist of what you need to know.

What is laser etching

Laser etching is permanently cutting into a material (wood, glass, rubber, metal etc.) with a laser. While hand etching is possible, larger projects may require more advanced equipment. The dimensions of the material can be plugged into a computer for precision etching. Many professional companies choose to etch with computers to increase efficiency.

The machines themselves

Different types of engraving require different machines, so be sure to research before you buy. Before you buy a machine, consider the size of your operation and what you intend to work on or with. Smaller machines can run from 80 USD to 400 USD. As the scale of your operation and work materials increase, so too will the price of your machine.

When getting started

A general rule if you’re intending to make laser etching your business is that a bigger engraving bed is generally better. This will allow you to work on products of different sizes. Starting small in conservative and intelligent for a hobbyist, but if you have buzz and an empty market with many potential customers, having the capability to accommodate definitely wouldn’t hurt.

The bigger size also enables you to begin mass production in the future as your company gains attention and your order numbers grow. Shoot for a machine that operates on a minimum of 25 watts of power and has air assist and compression. Also, a 12 x 24-inch or 12 x 18-inch bed is generally standard for businesses.

If you’re looking for good laser etching machines check out this link: Be sure to read into the specs of each and see if they align with what your needs are at this moment.

Consulting a professional

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask a professional. Stop by your local electronics store and consult an expert. Unless you’re extremely well read on the machines themselves the advice of an individual who works with that equipment on a regular basis is golden. The same goes for when you’re starting your business. Laser etching is a small niche with more or less competition depending on location, so you may also want to see if you’re alone or not.

The potential for profit

There is an increased interest in personalized products. Whether it’s for a present or purely to show ownership, etching is an easy way to do it and people are noticing. While etching isn’t new, etching with a laser is and it’s efficient and clear than the previous methods of personalization.

Trophies need to be engraved as do plaques, hardware, tools, decorations and whatever else people can imagine. As the technology continues to pick up in popularity, people will come up with new uses for it.

In the fabric and apparel industry, lasers are used for precision in cutting garments and creating patterns. Maybe you’ll even be able to develop a new use for this growing technology.

One of the best parts of this business is that as your own boss, you’re creating custom pieces of work and the prices are set entirely by you. So long as your work is quality and your prices are fair, you can make a profit in this business.