The Electric Razor E200 Scooter


The Electric Razor E200 Scooter

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Children are not the only ones that find electric scooters enjoyable. Some adults actually use these types of scooters to commute back and forth to their daily jobs or places of interest. It can be a great gift for a child or an adult. The scooters are built to travel across gravel and grass, some are even built to go up to twenty miles per hour depending on what specs it has. Battery powered scooters have become sensational throughout the past few years creating a hype that has produced even more brands and types to choose from.

Design and Features

With the thousands of scooters that Razor makes, it’s no surprise that their electric scooters also withstand the trials and tribulations of being ridden by both adults and children. The E200 by Razor can provide up to twelve miles per hour speeds and up to forty minutes in battery duration. Although you can recharge it within twelve hours, it is recommended that you do not charge it for longer than twenty four hours. It features a kickstand, rear brake that can be operated by hand, a grip throttle that you twist, high-torque, and a quiet motor that is chain-driven. It weighs approximately forty pounds and can hold up to a hundred and fifty four pounds.


There are many electric riders out there that can count as an electric scooter but not many that match up to Razor’s E200. Many people who have purchased this scooter for their children have also used it as well. Some have even said that their child does not like the scooter, only because their parent takes it from them and rides it. An awesome pro to point out is that even though the weight limit says one hundred and fifty four pounds, some consumers who have weighed more, have said that it withstands much more, up to two hundred and twenty pounds.


Aside from the con of having everyone wanting a turn to ride on the scooter, there have been several complaints on the battery life of the E200. Many consumers are finding that the battery life can be anywhere from thirty minutes to six months. After it has died, or slowed down significantly, the distance that can be traveled is tremendously lower. Many consumers have stated that this is not the first time that Razor has produced electric scooters that have not lasted more than six months, but over time the issue should be handled. Before purchasing anything online, it is best to know what others are experience so that you are not wasting your time or money.


Choosing which electric scooter to purchase can be a very, very tough decision as they are not priced cheap. Many of them are well over a hundred dollars and are priced based on their durability and the battery. Those that have a lithium battery will be slightly different than those without. The best reviews first seen here at can provide the information you need to make the best decision on electric scooters.