Stamina Air Rowing Machine


Stamina Air Rowing Machine

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All in all the Stamina Air rowing machine is a durable easy to use machine, ideal for anyone looking for a low impact way to burn calories and tone your body. Ideal for any size house or apartment thanks to its small frame and ease of storage, and incredibly affordable too so you won’t break the bank. It is suitable for beginners, and more experienced people alike. So get your hands on a Stamina Air rower today and start rowing your way to a new you!

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If you are looking for an easy way to exercise, in the comfort and privacy of your own home, then the Stamina Air rowing machine is the perfect product for you. With its compact and portable design, and wind resistance mechanism, you will be able to burn fat in just minutes a day. Below are just some of the features of this versatile product.

It replaces a whole gym worth of equipment.

By using the Stamina Air rowing machine you give yourself a full body work out. You can combine your cardio and your weight training in one simple machine and do away with an entire gym worth of bulky and expensive machines. Its quiet wind resistance motor allows you to exercise any time day or night, in the comfort of your own home without breaking the bank and without filling your house with multiple exercise machines.

It’s easy to use and easy to move

The compact and portable design of the Stamina Air rowing machine, and its built in wheels mean it is easy to pull out and put away. The light weight but sturdy metal frame is easy to assemble, but sturdy and durable when in use.The rubber floor protectorson the feet also mean the machine stays put while you exercise. The wind resistance motor means that all motions are smooth and even, and allows you to set your own pace, and make your work out as easy or as challenging as you wish.

Less time spent exercising means more time to enjoy your new trim body

Because the Stamina Air rower is so easy to use, and gives you a whole body work out, you don’t need to exercise for as long to see fabulous results. Its padded seat means you won’t feel uncomfortable as you work out, even during longer sessions. Burn calories, build and tone your muscles, get rid of excess flab and increase your stamina all at once and row your way to a new you in no time at all. The digital multi-function monitor displays your progress and your speed, and keeps you on track as you work out.

Wind resistance motor keeps you cool as you exercise

Because the Stamina Air rowing machine uses wind resistance to operate the machine, you will have a constant cool stream of air blowing over you as you work out, and the harder you row, the more wind goes through the motor. This enables you to keep your cool as you work up a sweat.