Marcy ME 709 Recumbent Exercise Bike Review


Marcy ME 709 Recumbent Exercise Bike Review

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In recent years more and more people have had the desire to get in shape and become fit and a greater number of methods to do just this have cropped up. Some people may have taken up running, some swimming, but an awful lot of people have taken up cycling as their preferred method for losing a few pounds. More often than not it is cold, wet and windy whenever the fitness bug grabs hold of you, so a good alternative is to exercise within your own home. Now as you can imagine, attempting to ride a normal bike round a house would be very difficult and a little too “Home Alone” like to be taken seriously as an idea. This is where the recumbent exercise bikes come in to play and more specifically the Marcy ME 709.                                 

Tell me about the feature it has

You might be wondering just how just how many features can be squeezed into a machine which replicates something as simple as a bike. Well let me tell you the answer is quite a few! This Marcy exercise bike comes with 8 levels of preset resistance so you can continually challenge yourself to push harder. It also has an easy-to-adjust tightening knob for different fitness levels. The large console display tracks speed, distance, time and calories so you will never be left wondering just how well you are doing. The features don’t end there though as the counterbalanced pedals have adjustable foot straps and the whole machine comes with built-in transport wheels for easy transportation as and when it is needed.

How big is this bike?

This exercise bike may take up slightly more room than the average one, but it still weighs an awful lot less. It measures 55 x 40 x 25 inches and the weight comes in at only 66 pounds meaning you won’t have any trouble pushing it around on those built in transport wheels! 

What are the good points?

The people at Marcy have managed to squeeze a very impressive number of features into this lightweight recumbent bike whilst still retaining its simplicity. It has all of the features you would hope for in an exercise bike such as the adjustable foot pedals and a large screen which tells you all of the stats and figures you could possibly need, so it should suit most users down to the ground. If you want to visit the home of the best exercise machine reviews then why not do so and compare them to the Marcy!

What are the bad points?

As this machine has been designed to be simple it is probably not suitable for the more hardcore bike users. Customers who have attempted to use it for serious training have reported that it isn’t really suitable, and with little flaws such as the timer resetting when it reaches 99m 59 seconds, you can see why.

Conclude things for me

If you are looking for a simple exercise bike to help you slowly build up your strength then this could prove to be a very useful addition to your home. It is perfect for the more casual users, but if you take your cycling seriously then you may want to look at the higher end of the market!