Great States 415-16 Push Reel Lawn Mower Review

Great States 415-16 Push Reel Lawn Mower Review


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A great looking yard does not have to have the most expensive tools in order to maintain it. It can simply be keeping it trimmed, and making sure that there are no brush or debris left on the lawn. A well maintained lawn can be simply done with a non-electric push mower such as the 415-16 from Great States. This push reel is a great start for children who are old enough to help, but still learning the process of how everything works. Putting them behind the wheel of a riding mower is more dangerous than giving them a push reel mower.

Description and Details

The 415-16 model push reel lawn mower offered by Great States is simple. It has sixteen inch blades for larger cutting areas and is manually pushed by your strength. The wheels are ten inches for better mobility while pushing this mower. Along with the height adjustment anywhere from a half of an inch to two and three-fourths of an inch, the handle is coated in a powder finish to help prevent future damage and rust. The blades are treated with heat so that they are sharper longer and gives the highest quality of a cut, leaving your yard beautifully maintained.

The Positives of the 415-16

There are tons of positives for the 415-16 because it is not a modern day type of lawn mower. It does not need oil, burn gas, or electricity. It does not stir up dust as bad as a push electric and gas powered mower. There is no filter or oil to change or a cord to pull to start it. Consumers have found other positives such as no control cables that break, stick, or kink up. They have also been pleased with the lack of smoke and noise that comes from this push reel mower. The basic design of this reel mower is ideal for anyone looking to step away from electric and gas powered lawn mowers.

The Negatives of the 415-16

Some of the negatives can be overlooked when considering or comparing this lawn mower with one that takes gas or electricity to power. When using to cut the lawn, many consumers are finding that this lawn mower does miss a few blades of grass here and there when the grass is taller than a few inches. Consumers also have found that it takes almost twice as long to cut the grass with this mower versus other types. After each use, you must lubricate the blades so that they do not create future issues. This can also be a setback for those who just want to start it up and go.

In Conclusion

A push reel mower may not be for everyone. Those who have issues with their back, or with putting in extra strength to cut their grass may find this mower intimidating. Although it is cheaper to maintain and to purchase, it may not be the best fit for some. For more information on this lawn mower and other reviews on popular choice lawn mowers and lawn care products visit the Garden Plaza!