DeLonghi EC155 15 Bar Pump Espresso and Cappuccino Maker Review


DeLonghi EC155 15 Bar Pump Espresso and Cappuccino Maker Review

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Espresso Makers for Everyone!

Espresso makers are going to change the way you think about mornings, and if you’re working relatively long shifts, you’ll need a special boost of energy. Energy is something that a lot of people happen to lack, especially in the mornings. If this is how you feel almost every single day, there is some sort of salvation out there for you! With an espresso maker, you’ll be able to boost your energy levels through the use of this product.

Are You a Fan?

I’m most definitely a fan of espresso makers, and whenever I have the opportunity to write a review like this one, I’m only going to cover the best of the best. DeLonghi should be one of the first brands you look at when you’re trying to get the best espresso maker available. Espresso Wake Up Call is going to keep you updated with all of the new advancements espresso makers may have, and it’s one of the real reasons why I became such a fan of espresso makers.

Features of This Espresso Maker

Coffee cups come included with this espresso maker, and it allows you to create a special espresso drink that will keep your energy levels high for the entire day. You won’t need to worry about any preparation tasks, and you can just use ground coffee (or pods, which have the actual drink mixture inside of them) to prepare any sort of latte or cappuccino you would like. There are two individual thermostats that will let you know about the current temperatures, as espresso is made through very specific means. Your espresso will never be the wrong temperature, and it definitely isn’t going to taste bad.

High’s & Low’s


The espresso that comes out isn’t really in abundance, and I’m used to having a pretty large cup of hot and piping coffee in the morning. This espresso machine definitely adds a little “zest” to the entire thing I’m going to be drinking, but I just wish there was a little more to drink. It’s just a small problem I had with this machine, and others might not be bothered too much by it.


The removable tank came in handy when I was looking to clean everything up, and the espresso itself that the machine produced was delicious. I was always aware of what the temperature regarding my current espresso was, so everything was always “perfect”. You don’t have to prepare stuff with a very “precise” sense before you actually get your hands on some coffee, so it’s easy.


While the espresso amounts are a little less than I’m used to, it still tastes great and is one of the easiest things to go about producing. There’s even a frother that ensures your espresso is going to look as professional as you’d like, because who doesn’t want their coffee to look at wonderful as they feel?