Altered Fantom 1.0 Electric Skateboard Review

Altered Fantom 1.0 Electric Skateboard Review


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What was one of the most fun memories you have from your childhood? If your answer is not whizzing down the street on a skateboard then I am afraid you missed out when you were younger. Now times have moved on and technology has with it, people have come up with a way to make skateboarding even more enjoyable and that is by making them electronic! Nowadays you can control your board, making it go faster and slower all at the touch of a button and this has made the sport even more exciting. That is why today we are going to look at the Altered Fantom 1.0 Electric Skateboard to check out its good and bad points.

So tell me a little more about the features it has.

There are not many cooler sights than that of somebody skating past you on their board, but one that is, is somebody doing so whilst controlling it via a remote. The Altered Fantom is controlled by a patented wireless remote control which gives you the power to accelerate as well as brake. It runs on a smooth and quiet belt drive system, and the whole thing is powered by a Lead Acid battery. You will have a bump free ride as well, as the 82mm x 50mm wheels are made of polyurethane, and they will ply their part in helping you het up to the maximum speed of 10 miles per hour!

Tell me what’s so good about it?

The motor in this skateboard is powerful enough to provide kids with hours of fun whilst ensuring that they cannot get up enough speed to do any serious damage to themselves or the surroundings. It also has a built in overload protector so even if the children did begin to get too excited on the board, it would cut out to avoid an accident. The battery holds its charge well, and in general this board is well made so it will last for years if given a little tender loving care when it is being used.

And what is not so good about it?

Whilst it is a very good electric skateboard, the Altered Fantom is not perfect. When it runs it makes a high pitched noise which could begin to irritate after a prolonged period of use. Another small issue is the weight limit placed upon the board, as it can only take a user who is up to 54kg heavy. This limits the user base significantly as even larger children would not be able to use it.

What’s the conclusion?

What this electric skateboard set out to be when it was made by the manufactures was a bit of fun for children, and this is what it has managed to achieve. If you take a look on The Electric Rider you will see that there are different kinds of electric skateboards for different kinds of people. If the board you are looking for is intended for use by a smaller child, then you can probably stop your search right now.