AHP 1500-TE-W Oak infrared heater


AHP 1500-TE-W Oak infrared heater

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When you want to keep up to 1000 square feet of your house warm, this portable heater from My Infrared Heaters is a fantastic solution. Lightweight, easy to move and ultimately, affordable and cost effective, every household should have one of these.

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There is nothing worse in the world than cowboy builders and plumbers. We don’t know anything about plumbing and sometimes these professionals take advantage of our limited knowledge so they can make a few more bucks. When my heating system broke down, it was a really difficult time in my life because I had just lost my job and had my family to look after. I just didn’t have the money to fix my heating system, although thankfully, I found the AHP 1500-TE-W oak infrared heater online.

Features of my portable heater

It can be difficult to survive at the best of times when you have a family, even if you have a job and everything runs smoothly. When I found myself in this predicament where I couldn’t afford to fix my heating in the heart of winter, I needed to do something quickly. A search online of the best portable heaters introduced me to the AHP 1500-TE-W Oak infrared heater, which seemed like a decent product.

This compact unit uses 1500 watts and 5200 BTU, which easily heats up spaces of 1000 square feet, and as we live in quite a small house, it was the perfect solution to my worries.

The 4 quartz elements provide lots of heat and kept my lounge warm in the evenings and the bedroom warm at night. The 6-foot power cable meant I could move the heater around to ensure it distributed warmth where I needed it the most. I found this to be one of the best portable heaters I could have wished for, so I was extremely happy, and warm.

Portable heater design values

What I love most about my AHP 1500-TE-W is its cozy and compact design, with a furniture-grade ply-wooden casing that not only kept the unit cool at all times, but also looked rather nice. This product comes with a digital control and remote, so I could operate it without moving an inch, because we must preserve body heat during the colder winter months.

Benefits of the AHP 1500-TE-W

The largest benefit of purchasing this product is that you can keep 1000 square feet warm at any one time, which was ideal in the evening as my family gathered around the television. It’s small and compact design also ensured that I could easily move it or store it around the house without getting under anyone’s feet.

Portable heater drawbacks

The only problem I had with the heater is that we have 2 bedrooms, and at night we could only keep one bedroom warm. On the coldest nights we all had to sleep in the same room. You really need 2 of these units at night.

The Verdict

Because I didn’t trust the plumber’s quotation and couldn’t really afford to get my heating system fixed, this portable heater really did help me and my family to survive amidst one of the coldest winters in memory.