Must Have Kitchen Utensils

2 Apr

Must Have Kitchen Utensils

Cooking can be so much fun and raiser with the right tools and you wouldn’t know when you will be done with it in no time, it’s no news it’s kitchen utensils that beautify the kitchen and gives it a homely look

Sure, you could manually remove the pits from your fruits and vegetables, but there’s a cool gadget that’ll save you time and make you the envy of other less enlightened chefs. You know how depressing it is when you want to cook and you just don’t have the right tools to use. Here are some utensils you must have!

  • Measuring cups and spoon: you can’t bake without measuring cups and spoon, so having this in your drawer is necessary.
  • Pressure cooker: With a pressure cooker, you can make your food faster and easier amd it’s perfect for curries and other healthy dishes.
  • Chef knife: even if you have only one knife in your kitchen, then it should be a chef’s knife, this is useful for a variety of purpose, from chopping vegetables to slicing of meat.
  • Mixing bowls: Is there anything that mixing bowls can’t do? Whether you’re stirring up a batch of cookie dough or tossing together a quick side salad, you’ll find that mixing bowls play a role in nearly every recipe you make.
  • Cutting board: what easier way is there to cut your vegetables and slice your tomatoes of not with the use of a cutting board?
  • Hand can opener: It comes in very handy when you are craving a can of pork and beans during a power outage.
  • Rubber Spatula: Probably the most essential tool in the kitchen. How else could you lick the remains of cake batter after pouring it into a cake pan? Whipped cream and frosting too. The uses are just too many.
  • Skillet:You can go with cast iron or stay with nonstick, but your kitchen really, really needs a skillet. You can make everything from breakfast to dinner (and even dessert) in a skillet, and most recipes require one for browning meat, sautéeing, or pan-frying. If you do choose to go with cast iron, you can also use it for baking.

Sheet pan: Sheet pans can be an absolute life-saver when you’re making dinner on a busy weeknight.

Still in doubt?  visit this page to find out more about the right kitchen utensil just for you.