Lego for Everyone – Young & Old

Lego for Everyone - Young & Old 4 Jan

Lego for Everyone – Young & Old

Are you one of those people that think Lego is only for kids to play with? Oh boy, are you wrong. Lego is for everyone and it doesn’t matter at all how old you are. There are such advanced lego pieces with engines and what not that only an adult or 16+ year old is able to figure out and in even rarer cases it requires engineering skills to pull it off.

Lego is Not Just a Puzzle

Legoland started its first theme park in Billund, Denmark in 1968, you couldn’t really call it a themepark at the time but it was amazing nonetheless, seeing huge sculptures build from simple lego blocks and since than it has only evolved. There are now parks all over the world in Germany, Dubai, the United States, Malaysia, England, and even in Japan.

These are nothing like the original legoland, they’ve turned into full-fledged theme parks with all the attractions you can wish for and obviously Lego remains the main theme throughout the whole park. The last one opened in 2017 in Japan and there is a new one in the making that will open in New York, scheduled for 2020.

Some of the attractions include but are not limited to a roller coaster named The Dragon, and no theme park is complete without a Splash Battle of course, other attractions that are worth mentioning are the Driving School for the young ones, Merlin’s Flying Machine, Cargo Ace, Cat Cloud Busters, and for the youngest ones there is Duplo Play. I could go on with mentioning attractions but there are simply too many.

Lego for Your Toddler

The Duplo version is the most popular variant that toddles and older babies love to play with, it helps with their hand-eye coordination and it will show their creativity at a very young age. The difference between Duplo and regular Lego is that the building blocks are much larger and more simplistic in shape of course.

The colors also tend to be more bright to speak to the imagination of the youngest generation. Although toddlers are classified as 12-36 months old Duplo is in fact suitable for pre-schoolers, or better said children up to five years old.

Lego for Juniors

If your child is a little more clever than the average pre-schooler there is a special type of lego categorized as Junior Lego and according to the company this is for kids in the 4-7 years old range. Lego Junior uses the same building bricks as the regular lego but it’s sometimes a little simplified so that they don’t have to figure out how to build a wall or a ceiling, those things often come in one piece just to keep things easy.

If you’ve never heard of Lego junior before it’s not all that surprising as this product range was launched as recently as 2014, so when we were kids there was either Duplo or Lego and nothing else in between. It’s amazing how the Lego company just keeps on evolving, If you want to know even more about lego and the applications you should take a look at Lego Ways as they take it one notch further by covering books & films, guides, architecture, video games, clones, and mind storms.

Lego for 8-13-years-olds

Amazon has devoted a complete category to this age range so that makes it just a little easier to shop around, sets vary from the Tower Bridge to the Hero Factory Fire Lord, and everything in between. I know from the past that it can get rather complicated sometimes so you might want to give your kids a helping hand if they are in need of one.

The Lego Creator Propellor Adventures is one of those items that’s not all that easy to build for an eight year old and the same can be said for the Lego Helicopter / Speedboat. Other products worth mentioning are the Dune Hopper, Sonic Boom, and the Mini Digger.

Lego for 14+ year-olds & Adults

I told you that lego is not just for kids and although a 14-year-old is still a kid they are clever enough to pull it off, assuming your kid is clever enough in the first place of course. Heck, even some adults have huge trouble completing certain lego sets, especially for the less-technical orientated ones among us it poses quite a challenge.

Interesting products for adults range from the Lego ship in a bottle to, the Disney Castle, and not to forget the Lego Batmobile that is controlled by an app on your smartphone. If you’re a James Bond or a car fan there is the Aston Martin DB5 that you can assemble from lego blocks.

Lego Stays Up-To-Date

As said, Lego is an ever evolving company and they always catch on to the latest trends and themes, for example there is a lego variant around the PowerPuff girls, Jurasic World, Fantastic Beasts, and Harry Potter. I’m suprised I didn’t find a Pokemon theme but I suppose you can build your own using your imagination.