Is Your Band Ready for More Fans? Instagram Has the Solution

28 Jun

Is Your Band Ready for More Fans? Instagram Has the Solution

Instagram provides you with a free platform for promoting your music. The best thing is that it is free to use! If you aren’t already using Instagram on your smartphone or tablet, then you can get it for free from the Google Play and Apple app stores.

Once you have it on the device, we are now on the same page; we can look at how to use the app to boost your band presence on the platform.

Sync Instagram to Your Social Profiles

This means your personal and band Facebook pages. Syncing the profiles is easy and allows you to crosspromote the content you have across all the social media platforms.

You are doing this because each of your fans has his or her preference when engaging with your content. Some like Facebook, others Twitter, some go to your blog, while some stick to Instagram. So, unless you have come up with a particular kind of campaign that is aimed at only one platform, it is vital that you sync the profiles.

Diversify Your Portfolio

If you want to become Instagram famous, which is something that every band is after, then you need to diversify your portfolio. Remember that fans want to see all that you have to offer – broken guitars, live recordings, rehearsals and all.

They want to check them out in the best possible way. As Fred Harrington says, you need to use different mediums to deliver the messages. Don’t just restrict yourself to images, because these might end up being monotonous. Make sure you use videos and Instagram Stories as well.

So, whether you are in a band meeting or eating lobster at your favourite seafood restaurant, you might want to post the pictures for your fans to know what you are doing at any particular time.

Tell Stories

You need to have a series that defines how you work, play and more. It is a lot of fun posting related photos and videos over the course of a week or month. You can use the Instagram Stories feature for a few days so that you keep the audience engaged all through.

Don’t just post anything – make sure it is fun for all of you.

Make use of Captions

A little description can go a long way in turning a plain picture into something that you will also be proud of. When inserting captions, make sure the information you share is brief and to the point. The caption should be relevant, at times quirky, but get the message home.

Ask for Help from Yoru Fans

You can allow your fans to take Instagram pictures and post them as well. Many bands make the mistake of asking the fans to take pictures of them, huge mistake.  What you need to do is to ask the fans to take pictures of them having a blast at your concert, maybe holding your CD or dancing to a tune that you are singing. Don’t forget to tell them to tag your brand when they post the image on Instagram.

Don’t Overthink Yoru Actions

Instagram is supposed to be a lot of fun. Take a photo; add some filters and post it. Don’t take too long setting up a shot or wondering what kind of attire to wear. The more fun you have capturing the images, the more the emotions will show in your images.

The Bottom-line

Bands have a lot going for them, but they can make everything bigger and better when they take their band experiences on Instagram. However, you need to follow these simple tips to engage your fans and stand out.