Giving your Lounge a Makeover

12 Jun

Giving your Lounge a Makeover

Is your lounge overdue for a makeover? The lounge, or living room, is often the place where we spend the most time while at home. It’s where we entertain guests and spend time with our family. Making it a place that makes you feel at ease is therefore crucial to your wellbeing. So how can you make yours a place that’s fun to be in? The following tips will help you rearrange your own lounge in a way that suits your lifestyle and helps you relax and enjoy your time at home.

1.      Declutter

Too much stuff can make you feel confined, especially if the room itself is small. Do you really need all the things that are in your lounge right now? Even if you need them, you may not need them at hand at any given moment. Some can perhaps be stored away out of sight to keep the room looking tidy and spacious. Generally speaking, keeping the lounge tidy will help you feel more relaxed. Of course, different people have different ideas of what constitutes tidy, and if you’re not used to things being 100% pristine, you may actually prefer your lounge to appear a bit more lived-in. After all, if a room is too clean, you may constantly be worried about making a mess!

2.      Add houseplants

Houseplants bring a little bit of nature into the house and can certainly help you feel calm and relaxed. There are some very hardy houseplants that take a lot of effort to kill, even if you’re completely hopeless with plants. Alternatively, invest in fresh flowers regularly, that can really brighten up a place. In some European countries it’s almost unheard of for a house to be without flowers. Get into the habit of buying some and you’ll soon see why.

3.      Easy listening

Make your lounge a place that’s fun to hang out in by investing in quality audio equipment. If you’re short of space or don’t want to bother with big standalone speakers, don’t worry. You can now get great speakers of all shapes and sizes that nonetheless can give out great sound. You can learn the facts about these online. Nowadays, you can even use your computer as a music source, or have a media streaming device you can use to listen to music all over the house. Of course, nothing quite beats a traditional turntable for the quality of sound.

4.      Divide the area

Depending on your circumstances, your lounge might be the room where you entertain, relax and work or study. Keeping things separate will help not only style the room, but also make clear distinctions between work time and play time. If you have the space, divide your lounge into separate areas. One area can be the seating area with sofas, armchairs, etc., another can be the dining area with a table and chairs and another can be a work area with a desk. For a smaller room, make sure you make a distinction between your table or desk to the seating area as much as possible. That was you will be making very clear boundaries between work and leisure.

5.      Add personal touches

Most of us don’t have the budget to buy expensive designer furniture. To be honest, there’s nothing wrong with going to a popular furniture store and picking up something reasonably cheap and basic. But if you want your living room to have that personal touch, you can invest in small things to bring character into it. These don’t have to be expensive. After all, who says a child’s drawing belongs on the fridge? Why not frame one and put it on the wall? If you’re so inclined, you can visit second hand shops, flea markets and antique stores and buy little things to add a touch of colour and personality to your room. Ornaments, specialist lighting, decorative cushions and wall art are all great. Think of is as the equivalent of buying an outfit from a high street store and then making it your own by adding unique jewellery and accessories. As long as you choose clean, basic lines for your furniture, you can dress up the room with such unique items and enjoy a room that is truly your own.