Four Things to Include in your Wedding Reception

Four Things to Include in your Wedding Reception 5 Oct

Four Things to Include in your Wedding Reception

So, it’s been a mere few weeks since you got the upgrade from girlfriend to fiancée, and the glowing anticipation of marriage hasn’t worn off enough to start worrying about how you’re going to pull the dream wedding off. It’s all fun and games from here don’t worry! Planning a wedding can be a piece of cake, as long as you stay ahead of schedule, organized and remember to surround yourself by the cream of the crop. They will make sure everything runs smoothly right down to you taking that first heeled step out of the wedding car and into the reception with your true love. Here are four things to include in your wedding reception to pull off the event of your life – even if you’ve never planned an event before.

Time Management

Staying organized is one of the most important parts of pulling off the perfect wedding, and being this way from the start will give you the best chance of everything running on time and without a hitch. The best way to do this is to write down everything you plan on doing at the reception and when you plan on doing it in chronological order. Make copies of it and giving it to anybody who might benefit from knowing the specific order of things, like your caterer and the person who is running your reception. If you’re all on the same page and running the same time, there’s very little chance of the unpredictable happening like running behind schedule. If everyone involved knows exactly what is happening when it is supposed to happen, all you’ll have to do is worry about how many glasses of champagne you can have before the first dance.

The Devil’s in the Details

There can be a lot of things to remember when it comes to a wedding reception. Once you start a list of the things you need to acquire, it will quickly become as long as your arm, and soon you’ll be wondering how on earth you’re going to remember all these things. The trick is to start with the small things and branch out from there. You’d be surprised at how far a couple of cute details can go placed at each table setting, and how this can instantly add a touch of elegance and class to a well organized and well-timed wedding reception. It’s also essential to remember to write all these little ideas you have down as you have them – while you focus on the small details you don’t want to leave out the essentials, like a cake knife.

The Wedding Singer

Undoubtedly, one of the most important parts of any wedding reception that can be the difference between the most memorable wedding your guests have been to, and an utterly forgettable one is the music. Whether you plan on sticking to the tight budget and hiring a sound system with your favorite wedding playlist or going for the very affordable option of a live singer, the music will be one of the things your people will remember the best. Having a charismatic, live singer to pump up your nearest and dearest between each song and make sure they have the best possible time they could have will be money very well spent, and create an unforgettable atmosphere. Check out for one of England’s most popular live singers. You’ll be so glad you decided to go for interactive live music.

Numbered by Most Popular

Wedding guests can be fickle and fussy with their place in the wedding. With all the organizing and remembering and timing around planning the perfect wedding, sometimes the most important ones can slip the mind – like your dear old great aunt who you know will be incredibly offended if she isn’t offered one of your prime positions at the wedding party table. This is where it’s good to make a seating chart – that way, your memory will be jogged of all those relatives who’s dignity is on the line.

You’ll be able to decide exactly who sits where so that you can avoid any awkward conversations or even heated debates when the big day rolls around. The other advantage of being organized earlier on with the seating chart is that you can do all the rearranging you want when the phone calls start coming in about who needs to be sitting where. As long as you’ve got a concrete idea of who is coming and where they might want to be, there’s a high chance you’ll be able to please everybody, and your dear old great Aunt can rest easy knowing that she was remembered from the very start.

Final Thoughts

It’s not easy to pull the perfect wedding and reception, but there are certain things you can do to make the journey a little less bumpy. Making sure that you’re organized and have a plethora of lists hidden in your diary to refer to always, you’ll be able to avoid any last minute panic attacks as the day draws nearer and you start to think about all the things you should have done. Except you won’t, because you would have done them! A wedding reception is supposed to be relaxed and fun, so make sure you get to enjoy it as well.