Four Questions to Help you Design a Professional ID Badge

26 Jan

Four Questions to Help you Design a Professional ID Badge

Whether your company has 30 or 30,000 employees, you must put some solid afterthought when designing ID badges. Of course, you want ID cards that have a professional look. Good ID badges should represent your brand well.

Indeed, you’re better off with unique features that aren’t easy to come by. You may want to consider working with a reputable ID badge design company for the best results. That way, you can get expert advice on what to include in your badges and what to leave out. Speaking of which, you can check a collection of awesome police ID badges  templates for ideas to get you started.

Moving on, these questions will help come up with a design that suits your organization and brand.

What Info Do I Want Featured on the Cards?

You must decide the type of information that you want to appear on your badges. Make a list of all the data you want included. The design should then revolve around these points. It is worth noting that the more information you have, the bigger your cards will be. Ask yourself if all the info will fit on the front of your badges or you whether you will place some on the back.

How Will the Photo Look Like?

A large ID card photo is easier to verify. It will also give you better and high-quality resolution. Other than the size, you should also consider the style and color of your photo’s background. Whenever possible, use white backdrops so that the image can pop while making sure that the overall look remains clean. You may go with colored backdrops (even though expensive) if you want to classify your workers by department or workstation

What the Design Elements to Include?

As stated, your ID badges are a reflection of your company’s identity. They should, therefore, include your organization’s color and fonts. Choose a font size and color that’s easy to read (most cards use the serif font). The background colors should be solid to make sure that the info on your cards stands out and that they’re easy to authenticate.

How About the Orientation?

Decide whether you want to display the information on your cards in a vertical or horizontal format. The way that you choose to arrange your worker’s, barcode, company logo and other elements will determine the orientation. Longer text fields and logos will look better in a horizontal format. You’re better off with a vertical format for small fonts and shorter text fields.

The Bottom Line

Do not compromise on your ID badges design. Make sure that you allocate enough funds for your cards so that you can get the best quality possible. You may embed some security features such as a holographic seal depending on the size of your company. Remember, if you will not be using badge holders, you have to ensure that your cards have clips or reels for easy display. And, the slot punch shouldn’t interfere with the design layout.