Cars: Convenient But Expensive Machines

7 Sep

Cars: Convenient But Expensive Machines

Owning a car comes with its benefits and costs. To some, cars are a necessary tool for their daily living. And to others, it is merely an additional financial burden with little gain. Perhaps, you may be wondering if you should be getting a car for yourself. Well, it helps to think about various aspects of cars and how you can make use of them.

A Convenient Mode of Transportation

The most obvious reason anyone would get a car is, yes you know already, for transportation. Owning a car allows you to go anywhere around a city as long as you have gasoline and your car is in working condition. Furthermore, the mobility offered is extremely useful for emergency situations, like if ever a family member gets sick or you need to fetch a friend, and even in work, especially when you have to attend business meetings or deliver products. Unlike public transportation, transportation by your car is faster and more flexible. Overall, an automobile can save you time by getting to places quickly.

Bragging Rights And Confidence Boost

A car can lift up the self-esteem of a person, mainly because it is a symbol of financial success, particularly among the middle class. Whether it’s a brand-new car or a used one, being able to own a car still feels extremely pleasing. Others will also see you as an affluent individual. Employers, co-workers, and peers will see you in a more positive light. Your social status will improve by getting a car.

Brand-New Cars: A Luxurious Purchase

Any brand-new car costs at least $10,000, which is a hefty sum for most people. Furthermore, it also comes with additional registration fees. At the very least, the advantage of buying a new car is that it is guaranteed to be fully functional and undamaged. You can benefit from the car’s entire lifetime. Overall, purchasing a brand-new car can be considered a luxury.

Used Cars: The Smart Option

There are more used car sales than new ones. The main reason why people go for a used car is the lower cost, thanks to car depreciation. Also, you do not have to bother with the registration fees. Not to mention the fact that used cars most likely still are in great shape as cars are built to last for around 100,000 miles. Buying a used car is a wise choice, as long as you’re sufficiently careful about your sources.

Other Costs That Come Along

The purchase of the car is not your only problem. Eventually, the fuel, maintenance, and repair costs overshadow the initial purchasing cost. Insurance is also another factor to consider, as smaller cars have higher insurance cost than larger ones. Car depreciation should be kept in mind because your car loses value over time, as you use it. Overall, cars can be considered somewhat high-maintenance and are costly to use.

Leasing: A New, Popular Way to Attain Cars

You can lease, or rent, a car for a few years. It is much cheaper than both buying and loaning because you only need to pay for the car’s depreciation during the term. Your payment also includes fees, rent charges, and taxes. Another advantage is the lack of high up-front costs, but some require you to pay for the first month. Lastly, depreciation would not affect you, but you also would not benefit from increased value because you do not own the vehicle.

Car Enhancements and Accessories

You can improve your car through various means, if you want, feel free to visit our site for more information. You can improve your car in different aspects such as accessories, exterior, interior, and performance. For car exterior upgrades, perhaps you can change its paint job, add new window tint films, or even change the lights. As for the features and interior, one could change floor tiles, enhance the audio system, or modify the seats. Lastly, performance upgrades are quite many and include installing cold air intake, maximizing fuel economy, purchasing a better flowing exhaust, swapping your car tires, and much more.


Overall, cars are quite beneficial tools in people’s daily living but are not a necessity. Cars can provide you a convenient, personal transportation as well as a boost to your self-esteem, which is useful. Getting a car is not only expensive in itself, but using one is costly as well.  There are various ways in which you can get a car, such as buying a new or used one, or leasing. Furthermore, you may also choose to upgrade your car’s exterior, interior, features, or engine performance.