Best Singles Bars in NYC

19 Feb

Best Singles Bars in NYC

Are you single, living in New York City and willing to mingle? Does going to bars with dim lighting, cool music, lively dance floors and a nice ambiance where single men and women visit sound like your thing? Well NYC has plenty of bars where you can find Mr. or Ms. Right – you just need to know the location. To help set the ball rolling here are the five best singles bars in New York.

Joshua Tree

The Joshua Tree is a favorite spot to meet a young, postgraduate, thrill-seeking crowd. Never mind the crowd it attracts, the Tree, as it is popularly known plays music from the 80s via the powerful speakers. Happy hours starts from noon to 8 pm every day. Joshua Tree is ideal for picking up drunk 20 something boys and girls who can’t hear how lame your pickup line was. Cough!

On top of that, the music here is quite interesting, with occasional live bands to play your song upon request. It doesn’t get better than that, does it?

Leave Rochelle Out of It

This bar has an intelligent design that makes it a perfect place where singles can hook up –literally speaking. This is perhaps the only bar in NYC whose walls have prints with life lessons such as “do not have sex in the bathroom” and “do not hook up with ugly people.” There’s even a photo booth. Taking a snapshot after a couple of rounds with your single friend is always exciting, isn’t it?

The Beauty Bar

One of the oldest bars in NYC has just gotten a facelift, with additional drinks and a dance floor now available. The bar, as the name suggests mimics a beauty parlor, with metallic, dome-shaped hair dryers and salon style chairs lining the wall. The drink menu is robust, and the sultry lighting makes the Beauty Bar an alluring spot for single men and women. Perhaps it’s worth mentioning that there’s a weekly free stand up show with special drinks on the menu. You’re more likely to hook up with well groomed, urban singles at the Beauty Bar.

Miss Favela

The party never stops at Miss Favela a lively Brazilian bar that offers seriously strong drinks such as the caipirinhas. And, true to its name, the bar plays forro music all night long to ensure that revelers are on their feet until 4 am when it closes. If you’re in search of a single mate who loves fun, has a thing for cocktail drinks and doesn’t mind grinding on the dance floor, Miss Favela is the place to visit.

The South Side

The South Side features glossy hallways and neatly arranged seats where hundreds of singles throng every night to listen to slow music and catch a round of drinks. The in-house DJ will play your request from Monday through to Friday, giving you a chance to impress a potential mate with your taste of music. You’re likely to meet smart, moneyed singles (like the stock market of finance guys) as well as stylish middle-aged women

Tips to Hang Out in These Night Clubs

Be Suave

Okay, you are here to pick up someone – it could be a girl or guy. So, you need to do things a little bit different. Mingle with the seemingly single revelers to increase your chances of interacting with a fellow partygoer. Sit at the counter – this is an excellent place to get noticed by others.

Hit the Dance Floor

Do you know that it is relatively easier to talk to someone on the dance floor as opposed to approaching them at their seat? Yes. See, everyone is grooving to the beat, and as long as you’ve got your dance move on, you can always wink at the girl you’re eyeing to join you!

Don’t Overdrink

You are not going to meet anyone serious if you don’t watch how much alcohol you take. You want to be in your best behavior so be careful with your level of drinking. Consider drinking some water if it can help calm things down.

Ask for a Number

There is no point in hooking up with someone at a NYC club and fail to take their number. Sure, you may not him/her them home, but at least you will have a way to talk to them tomorrow. Remember the name too. The last thing that you want to do is to forget the name of a guy or girl you are trying to hook with in the future.

The Bottom Line

That’s it! So, get out there, hit any of these NYC bars and you could as well be on your way to getting that special someone. Don’t worry if you don’t hook up with someone today. You only need to up your game, and you’re good to go!